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Medieval & Renaissance Songbook (Sheet Music)


Over the years of playing this lovely music on the lanes and stages of various Renaissance and Medieval festivals I’ve often been asked where I get my music; what are my sources? I finally decided to compile this collection of forty of my favorite period songs and make them more easily accessible.

This collection is presented in a folk-friendly manner from the perspective of performers and music lovers of all skill levels to provide many hours of personal and shared enjoyment. All songs are in lead line format with guitar chords included. Song lyrics, where available, are also included.

This Medieval & Renaissance Songbook is offered in three different editions: a printed edition in a lay flat binding, a download edition with lots of extras, and a Musescore .MSCZ edition specifically aimed at performers and arrangers.  Read more on each edition just below in Description.

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Songbook Editions

Download Edition:

This edition bundles a set of extras that just cannot be offered in a print edition.  If you’re not sure, I’d recommend this edition.  The download PDF booklet can be moved to mobile devices allowing access to the sheet music wherever you are.  The PDF Booklet scores are individually printable.  You also get a “loose” PDF copy of all the scores, ready to import into PDF based digital music readers.  I use Piascore on my iPad.

  • 40 Songs in easy to navigate “portable” PDF booklet
  • Print scores directly from PDF booklet
  • Each song offered in four keys (C, D, F, G)
  • Chords
  • In-line lyrics where available
  • Extended lyrics section
  • Copy (PDF) of all loose scores ready to import into mobile music readers
  • Sample sound files (MIDI) for each song

Print Edition:

This edition features the same 40 songs, each of which is presented in a single popular key and its lay-flat notebook style format makes it convenient to play from on music stands or table tops.  Free shipping.  Sorry, shipping to US destinations only.

  • 40 Songs in convenient lay-flat comb-bound booklet
  • durable heavy weight paper
  • Chords provided
  • In-line lyrics where available
  • Extended lyrics available on request, contact me.

Performers/Arrangers Musescore Edition:

This edition consists of all 40 song master Musescore files.  If you are a Musescore user, this package is all you need.

  • 40 Musescore master .MSCZ files ready for import into Musescore
  • Easily edit, transpose, arrange the scores to your needs
  • Extended lyrics
  • Sample sound files (MIDI) for each song
  • NOTE:  Musescore 4x and above (visit for more information)


Song Listing: (All editions)

  1. Ad Mortem Festinamus
  2. Andro (St. Patrick’s)
  3. A Virgen Mui Groriosa (CSM 42)
  4. Ballet Du Roy Pour Sonner Apres
  5. Bransle de la Torche
  6. Branle Des Chevaulx
  7. Bransle Simple
  8. Breton Melody
  9. Cedit Frigus Hiemale
  10. Chansoneta Tedesca (John Tallow’s Canon)
  11. Childgrove
  12. Como Poden Per Sas Culpas (CSM 166)
  13. Como Somos Per Conssello do Démo Perdudos (CSM 119)
  14. Cuncti Simus
  15. Goddesses
  16. Ja Nuns Hons Pris
  17. Lamento D’ Tristano
  18. La Rotta
  19. Loibere Risen
  20. Maravillosos E Peadosos (CSM 139)
  21. Mariam Matrem Virginem
  22. Non e gran cousa (CSM 26)
  23. Non Sofre Santa Marie (CSM 159)
  24. Palastinalied
  25. Polorum Regina
  26. Por Que Nos Ajamos (CSM 9)
  27. Prince Rupert’s March
  28. Quen a Omagen da Virgen (CSM 353)
  29. Reis Glorios
  30. Ronde 9
  31. Ronde “Mon Amy”
  32. Sackpipslat fran Norra Rada
  33. Salterello
  34. Santa Maria, Strela Do Dia (CSM 100)
  35. Staines Morris (Der Wilde Wasserman)
  36. Stella Splendens
  37. Tanto quer Santa Maria (CSM 286)
  38. The Bear Dance
  39. Tourdion (Quand je bois du vin)
  40. Troto