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In Tempore Spiritus (Album)


In Tempore Spiritus – Spirits in Time: Remastered EP of select songs from my original 2017 full release by the same title. Also included is the previously unreleased song Da Que Deus Mamoa (CSM 77) featuring James Keane on bouzouki.

Come explore the sounds and moods of a Renaissance Festival; a little rough, a little rowdy, and a lot of fun. The styling is more folk-like and casual, somewhat more closely to how you would have heard these songs played in the streets, taverns, and inns of the time. On several songs I’ve gathered festival musician friends together to provide an additional variety of sound and structure. You’ll hear multiple recorders, guitar, bouzouki, lute, violin, and viola.  Fill your tankard, grab a sausage-on-a-stick, and enjoy the festival!

Thanks to the following for their contributions:

Christopher Quarles – violin/viola and grace
Bettina Queen – lute/guitar and sweetness
James Keene – bouzouki and merriment
“Gaia” used by kind permission of Oliver Pade of Faun.

Released May 2021

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